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What we offer?

The unique home facility services specialize in the highly efficient placement of domestic staff live-in(24*7) and live-out such as maids, cooks, child care, elder care, nannies and House Keepers on a monthly basis.

Domestic Help Services

For people who like to work in the domestic service sector,…

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For busy parents, hiring a house maid may be the solution…

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Cook for Home

Our cooks are very well trained and expert in preparing nutritious…

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If you are looking for a better and reliable housekeeping service…

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Baby Sitter

Our expertise is to provide babysitters who raise and care for…

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Dusting Utensil Cleaning

Our Dusting and Cleaning Services are executed by competent and well…

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How It Works


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About Us

The unique home facility services specializes and leading in the market for professional domestic help services for residences. We situated at Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, provide best House Maids, Cooks, House Keepers, and Baby Sitters(Nannies).

We all have experienced candidates and we have a list of satisfied customers who trust our service. We started out by launching domestic help services in 2012. Our services is specifically designed to help households and hire domestic helps such as maids, cooks, child care, elder care from nearby vicinity.

We never assign a babysitter / maid specialist without screening. We check the background of candidates and also check their references. We also help our client to register by providing verification details of credentials. We provide full support to our clients when selecting a candidate for domestic help.

Our caregivers are always clean, energetic, well trained and safe to deal with your family.

How Much Will The Service Cost

The cost of service ultimately depends on a number of variables, including the number of rooms, the size, number of persons and type of service you choose. We charge you according to industry standards and not a penny more. Contact unique home facility services for a free estimate.

“Find Unique Home Facility Services for a Free Estimate”

Why Choose Us

Service guarantee

We offer this guarantee because we are confident in the services we offer. We only hire the most qualified professionals to provide high quality services.

Safe and reliable

Your safety is our first priority, so we have the best people we can trust for our customers. We check the background of candidates and also check their references.

Free Replacement

If the maid leaves for any reason within the contract period, we will replace with another maid and it free of charge to your complete satisfaction.

High Quality

We provide the highest quality services by exceeding your expectations. Only qualified maids are registered with us.

Multiple Options

Watch as many interviews as you want and the shortlist profile that suit you. Communicate your requirements to the candidate before confirmation.

Refund Policy

It’s simple, either you get what we promise, or we’ll pay you back. If the customer wishes to terminate the contract in the first month for any reason, we will refund 50% of the amount of the registration.

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